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You Provide...

  • The overarching homeschool environment for your student outside of the Sun Star routine, including their core-work and annual testing (should you wish to participate, Lighthouse Education Services comes to Sun Star Farm to administer the Woodcock Johnson Test, which satisfies the state requirement for annual testing)
  • Additional support needed such as core-work completion, reteaching a concept that may not have been fully grasped in class, or supporting your student with good study habits or executive functioning skills.
  • Documentation of online certificate that your family has established a NC homeschool status (link)

We Do Not Provide...

  • Direct instruction for common core standards, however we incorporate aspects into the curriculum.
  • Special assistance if your child needs 1:1 support to successfully move through their day.
  • A co-op experience, although parents do have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.​

We Embrace...

  • Waldorf and Montessori Education
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Holistic principles 
  • Music, Dance, and Folklore
  • Natural materials  
  • Community & Seasonal Festivals
  • Stewardship and Practical arts such as handwork, cooking, modeling, building, gardening, developmentally appropriate chores...​
  • An ambitious no-waste program!

Julie Killian


Teacher Biography & Parent Testimonials

Sun Star Folk School is now enrolling for our TK/K/1 class for Fall 2023! 

What We Offer…

  • A rich, dynamic, supplemental Waldorf-inspired and Montessori curriculum that supports your child’s growth in developmentally appropriate ways Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm
  • Small class size with 1 wonderful licensed teacher + 1 assistant
  • Curriculum materials and necessary workbooks
  • Daily teaching and practice time on the “3R’s”.
  • A non-competitive, but physically rigorous outdoor program
  • A wholistic and artistic approach to learning that makes academics fun!
  • A mixed age, one-room school house setting with individualized instruction and social inclusion
  • Must be age 5 by Dec 31st of the year that they will enter TK, but not younger than 4.8 months old at the start of the school year.

...a school for homeschoolers, for folks who want something different

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 Please email Heidi to schedule a tour

Julie Killian has been passionate about child development and education from the time her children were preschoolers. Alternative education was important to her as a young mother. This is what brought her to becoming an educator and searching for something different.

Julie obtained her American Montessori Society Early Childhood credential in 2007 and is proud to be a founding staff member at Pittsboro Montessori, now Willow Oak Montessori Charter School.  Julie was a lead teacher at Willow Oak for a total of 13 years and also acted in the capacity of admissions administrator for 9 of those years while continuing to teach.  She poured her heart and soul into helping build the school and community from the ground up.

Julie has lived in Pittsboro for almost 16 years with her husband Matt and two teenage daughters, Isabel, 19 and Mary Helen, 16.  She also obtained her BS in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology from Appalachian State University.  With her many years of experience as a mother and a teacher, Julie has an excellent perspective on child development and how to educate and nurture children to be caring contributors to our community and the world. 

“I am thrilled to be the new lead teacher for the Folk School and learn about the Waldorf pedagogy and incorporate my Montessori experience.  I believe that there isn't necessarily one method to teach children.  We have to follow each child and meet their needs individually. Learning from nature and being outside is an essential part of childhood.  Sun Star Farm is committed to this philosophy and that makes me happy!  I look forward to being an influence of peace and joy of learning for your child!”    - Julie Killian 

A few Parent Testimonials… 

Ms. Julie taught both of my children (first my son, and later my daughter) for 3 years each, in a multi-aged classroom.  I was always impressed by the freedom and responsibility she simultaneously gave her students.  My children felt so empowered to learn new things independently, rather than waiting for an adult to tell them exactly what & how to learn.  In Ms. Julie's educational care, my kids flourished in so many ways beyond academics, gaining in confidence, creativity, and initiative.  Ms. Julie is a wonderful teacher that every child would be fortunate to have!   

-E. Bonitz 
Double Masters in Education and Elementary School teacher for 20+ years and former Sun Star Farm TK teacher 

I first met Julie Killian in 2007 when I was a member of the Willow Oak Montessori Board of Directors and interviewed her for the lead teacher position. Julie was chosen for the position because she believes that each child is unique and to educate a child you must meet them where they are emotionally, socially and academically. She believes that the outdoor environment is an important tool that allows the child’s mind, body and spirit to grow. Julie taught several of my children, then became a coworker and a friend. Working as her assistant, I was impressed with her knowledge of child development and the innovative ways she would incorporate multi-sensory techniques that would help each child meet their full potential. Julie’s creativity, empathy and dedication helped build a strong foundation that turned a one room school house into a successful charter school. I am excited for Julie to be a part of Sun Star Farm. She will find a place that aligns with her principles on outdoor education and child development. I’m also excited for our Sun Star families. Julie is a gifted teacher who will bring her expertise on experiential learning that aligns with Sun Star Farm’s vision.

Kirsten Bair
Mother of 3, current Toddler Teacher at Sun Star Farm, previous co-worker of Julie Killian 

Ms. Julie was our daughter's teacher for more than three years, and we have nothing but great things to say about that time.  Early childhood education has so much to offer academically, but it's also a critical time in a child's life for developing social and emotional skills.  Ms. Julie supported and guided our daughter in all of these diverse areas, helping her to be the curious, independent, clever, caring person she is today.  With its warm and open atmosphere, Ms. Julie's classroom was clearly a community where every child felt seen and heard and special.  We will always be grateful to Ms. Julie for her role in launching our daughter out into the world.

 - F. Kasell

Ms. Julie is that teacher you will always remember. As a parent, having Ms. Julie teach your children during those formative years is what you want for every child. She has the ability to tap into each child’s hidden potential and helps them recognize they have the power to do big things with their small bodies and minds. This is no small feat and they carry this mindset with them well into adolescence. We still quote Ms Julie to this day - 12 years later. 
- K. Roebuck 

We may be a great fit for your child and family if you value…

  • Experiential, environmentally sound project-based, hands-on learning
  • Engaging the multiple intelligences in an integrated curriculum
  • Taking ownership of your child's education outside of a traditional classroom setting and bureaucracy. 

 Sun Star Folk School

Sun Star Farm School