Counselor-In-Leadership Training (CILT):  Ages 13-16

                     Junior Counselor-In-Leadership Training (Jr. CILT):  Ages 11-12 (see below)

If you have a teen that loves children, animals and the outdoors then our Counselor-In-Leadership Training program (CILT) may be a great fit for your family. CILT provides the opportunity for teens to have a fun and engaging first work experience. They will also gain valuable job experience working alongside our experienced staff as they engage with children in an outdoor farm setting.  Our program helps foster leadership qualities and encourages teens to be positive role models for younger campers.  Counselors in Leadership Training will have plenty of time to explore their own interests on the farm, but will also be expected to assist veteran camp counselors with camp activities, to actively lead games and activities with campers, and to create a welcoming atmosphere for all the children at camp.

CILT’s will…

  •         Actively participate in camp activities and engage campers.
  •         Learn from counseling staff’s direction, communication, and positive coaching.
  •         Learn to lead activities under the guidance of camp counselors.
  •         Demonstrate the ability to plan and implement an activity with campers
  •         Have free time to pursue their own interests and have lots of fun.
  •         Participate in an evaluation, assessment and feedback sessions with peers and supervisors.
  •         Complete an end-of-training evaluation with the Assistant Camp Director that includes formal evaluation of an activity conducted with campers as well as the overall experience evaluation.


  • Ages 13-16 (must be age 13 by June 1, 2019)
  • Must be available a minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of 6 weeks
  • Must be able to attend Mandatory Training on June 1

Our CILT program has the following structure to encourage CILT’s to progress through the program and become camp counselors:
1st Year:  CILT participants pay $150/week and have the opportunity to earn back up to a $75 stipend at the end of the week, based on their evaluation .
2nd Year: CILT participants pay $100/week and have the opportunity to earn up to $100 back at the end of the week based on their  evaluation
3rd Year: CILT’s pay nothing and receive a stipend of up to $150 at the end of the week based on their evaluation.  If leading up to this point the CILT has shown real promise, they may be elevated to Junior counselor status and will have the opportunity to earn an hourly wage.

Applications for 2019 CILT Program are open from December 5, 2018 to February 18, 2019.

  • To apply: complete the online CILT application by Feb 18, 2019.  Upon review, the camp director will contact you to schedule an interview.
  • Assignments: CILT assignments announced by March 4, 2019
  • Payment: Registration and payment are due by March 25, 2019

Our goal is to help counselors-in-training grow personally, professionally and socially.  Through open and constructive feedback, CILT’s will build skills in leadership, communication and work ethic.   We take the CILT program very seriously and reserve the right to remove a CILT from the program if they do not meet expectations or violate Sun Star Farm’s polices and procedures.

                     Junior Counselor-in-Leadership-Training (Jr. CILT):   Ages 11-12

If you have a pre-teen that loves children, animals and the outdoors then our Junior CILT program may be a great fit for your family
Junior CILTs engage and play with younger farm campers (ages 4-6), help counselors in preparation, participation, and clean up of activities plus have time to pursue their own interests at Sun Star Farm.  Positive, warm, encouraging feedback will be given throughout the week, in addition to areas to work on.  Our goal is to help Junior CILTs grow personally, professionally and socially by increasing self-confidence, leadership and accountability.

  • FYI - if your pre-teen only wishes to be a camper without being part of our leadership training program, then you can register them online as a regular camper for any week.
  • To become a Junior CILT, there is no application needed.  Register on ultracamp selecting "JR. CILT" for any week with availability. 
  • Only 5 Junior CILT spots open each week.
  • Minimum of two weeks registration required.
  • Price: $315 (exception: Ponies Week $385)
  • Earn back up to $75 each week based on their evaluations.

Questions?  Email Heidi

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