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About Us


We run our program on the belief that there are certain experiences that are essential for the healthy development of young children: love and warmth; an environment that nourishes the senses; creative and artistic experiences; meaningful adult activity to imitate; free, imaginative, self-directed play; protection of the forces of growth in childhood; gratitude reverence, and wonder; joy, humor and happiness and adult caregivers pursuing a path of inner development.

Any instruction is more implicit than explicit for the children; we model for them rather than offer explanations, we offer them the opportunity to do something instead of asking them if they want to. We practice slow childhood.

We try to model an atmosphere of gratitude, reverence and wonder for the children, believing that this, rather than just our outer expectations for their good or polite behavior, will grow naturally in them. We hope that the capacity for love, which we believe is deeply embedded in each and every child, will grow in this natural way as a gesture from them toward the whole world.

We take our own self-development and our responsibilities towards your children and you very seriously—also joyfully and with deep gratitude. 


Heidi first realized she had a gift to engage young children and draw out their innate sense of wonder when taking care of her younger siblings and cousins by transforming stones, dirt, leaves and twigs into magical "fairy gardens" throughout their childhood. At age 18, Heidi was a nanny for three young children aboard a 39-foot sailboat voyaging from South Africa to the Caribbean (This was Heidi's first time ever sailing – a "trans-Atlantic" crossing 6000 miles of high seas with the pitter patter of little feet aboard a very wee boat). Heidi later studied child psychology in Southern California while putting herself through school as a governess. Now a mother of three, Heidi believes in the magic and wonder of childhood and keeping it simple. Less is more. Nothing pleases her more than children's pure joy from doing the simplest things. Heidi also practices peaceful parenting techniques that focus on cooperation and mutual respect rather than a dominant paradigm. Heidi delights in and enjoys engaging children in all facets of life.

"My daughter attends Sun Star Farm Preschool and she truly blossoms there. On our way home she has so many stories to tell me about seeing the llamas, the bunnies and the chickens, helping to make snacks, playing in the wooden boat and singing. She loves the storytime circle too. I can see that she is learning many daily skills through watching Heidi, playing with friends, and being in nature. I love Heidi's approach which models caring relationships, environmental stewardship, appreciating the simple everyday joys of life and a love of the outdoors. She is also artistically gifted and does beautiful crafts with the kids."

                                                                                                                      - Karen Jooste

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